Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Media Machine

Recently I had someone tell me I looked good which was then closely followed by "you almost look anorexic". The gesture wasn't to offend me and was purely made to be taken as a compliment, but it was four weeks ago now, I obviously still haven't forgotten about it.

Since having Miss Laurie, I've become more aware of the shallow things that distract this place. The surface things that dont at all help with depositing your treasures in the bank of heaven.
The things that have loose foundations which in turn rob, kill and destroy us of true potential and amazing opportunities.... if only we could get beyond our insecurities.

I was at church on Sunday, during the worship time, I could have danced.
Key word: "could".
I was held back by my perception of what others might have thought of me and maybe looking like an over-spiritual holy roly.
In the end I realised, why does it matter what they think of me?
It actually doesnt.
I now realise I lost an opportunity.

How big of a role do your insecurities hold in your life? do they affect your faith?
Think of all the things you could have done if only you werent held back by what others views or opinions may be of you.

Someone decided skin and bones is attractive. Someone with status then got behind it, and along followed all the sheep - next thing you know.. BOOM! a mainstream explosion. Looking borderline ano is now totally hot. Travelling the world in an envelope is all of a sudden something to attain to.

We are told through the media machine what is beautiful.
We then believe and eat up every honey dripping word.
Why dont we believe every word of the Bible?
Isn't that what were saying?...
We're letting our insecurities get ahead of what is written about us?
Are we telling God that we believe more in what others say, than what He says? Are we telling the Creator that we believe more in the created? Nevermind He made us.

Botox is intended to help slow the aging process, to fill the wrinkles.
Personally, I love weathered hands.
I love old womens hands, thinking of all the meals they prepared for their families on a wintry evening, all the tears they have wiped back, all the stories that are written on them.
I love old mens hands, the cracks and lines that tell of working the land for provision, the kind acts of service they speak of, the assemblies of ache and the romantic secrets they keep with their significant others in an earlier and more innocent time....
I think the same about a face....
I think its sad we feel we have to hide the stories and the lessons learned.

All in all - I am not aiming to speak against anything here or make anyone think I am targeting a specific audience, cause it really isnt my intention ... I just wish we wouldnt judge ourselves so much and in turn become judges of the world. It wastes our time. It hurts other peoples feelings. It gives the less important stuff more status than it deserves.

At times we think if ONLY God made me *insert applicable word or words here*, things would be so much better. Life would be so much better.

You know better than that, so because you know better, do better.
You are given one body. You are given one life.
Treat them well.
Don't stuff up what God gave you.
Live a clean life.
Laugh and have fun.
Dont associate with toxic people.
Give to others.
Dont be afraid to love something incase it is taken from you.
Seek the truth.
Dont let the media machine decide on your beliefs. Make them yourself.
*You are the only *you in this world. Make sure *you isnt determined by the **me's of this world.
*You are an enchanting, captivating, mesmeric and alluring *you.
Dont become a second grade version of **me.
Oh and next time, dance during worship.

*You - you
**Me - me and anyone other than you

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦


  1. I heart your stuff - soooooooooooooooo good!

  2. p.s. I spied you as the featured blogger on Kiwi Mummy Blogs!

  3. Thanks so much Paisley Jade!
    WOWEE! Thanks Kiwi Mummy Blogs!!!
    I have the most ridiculous grin on my face about now...

  4. Awesome post Betty May. I love your outlook on life. You rock. :-)

  5. just awesome :) keep up the posts hunny xo

  6. i love your posts. haha never heard of a overspiritual holy roly...that crack me up

  7. I have! lol. Awesome, very inspirational. I love your writing :)

  8. thank you ladies - heart you muchly xo

  9. brilliant!
    I have the over spiritual holy roly term....*GRIN*.

    and the part about weathered hands. so true. I love them too. I have actually been quite fascinated watching my hands change over the years.

  10. I was meant to say I LOVE the over spiritual holy roly term!! not HAVE....guh! I'm so not one of THOSE ;);)

  11. Just read this, what a beautiful insightful post! Have really enjoyed meeting you!