about me



My name is Elizabeth (Betty May)

This is my little piece of internet real estate where I share my thoughts, photography, style, inspiration, life, loves, laughs and adventures

About me in point form - cause nothing screams "importance" more than things in point form
  • I was named after my grandmother who I've never met but I've always imagined she smelt like Vanilla and baked the most elaborate layered cakes and lavish pastries. In my mind she had a full and warm hug and to kiss her on the cheek was like pressing your lips against soft velvet.
  • I'm married to a boy who is half from the Netherlands who also happens to know all the back stories in Greys Anatomy. We got together, had a romantic dinner and then BAM! we've got a 2 year old who is currently trying to decide whether she's a cat or a dinosaur

  • I live on a farm in New Zealand and I milk cows on a daily basis. New Zealand is located at the end of the world - our recent accomplishment is being the first to conquer Mount Everest. I suppose having our people slowly but steadily infiltrate Australia is a pretty worthy accomplishment too... trying to get our own back since they claimed our Pavlova, Crowded House and Russell Crowe. Soon Straya... soon you shall be known as the West Island *rubs hands together, strokes beard*.

  • My love for all things vintage runs deep, I can thank my parents for running thrift stores throughout my teenage years for that.

  • I believe what the Bible says about the man named Jesus. I also wonder if he had cracked heels from all the walking he did in sandals.


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