Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Saturday Salute means Betty's wagon of thrifty loot

The Saturday Salute
this week, means Thrifty finds...

Oak bedside table for Miss Lauries room:
Loves it.

Typewriter serving as an unconventional centrepiece for the table:

So many people I know HATE fake flowers. I love em. When used properly.
I mean I wouldn't love them for valentines day.
I would love a Chandelier though.
Jar, filled with my "not in use" pearl necklaces supporting a bouquet of fake flowers:
Jar: $2
Flowers: $1 each

Some charming "Pimpernel" coasters with Australian Fauna artwork on them. (Next to the jar)
Coasters: $2

Herb garden stakes:
$1.20 each

AMAZING makes-my-heart-flutter retro wallpaper that I used as a backdrop for a 1 Corintians 13 scripture ripped out of an old book for Miss Lauries room.
Wallpaper: $2 for the roll.

These genuinely old school spotty glasses:
$1 each!!
You drop em and they DON'T BREAK!
But thats stuff from the old school for ya.
Unless you drop them together.
Or if you put a hammer to them.
Or perhaps if you drop them off a bridge onto the freeway.
Paper lanterns for Miss Lauries room:
$1 each
Patchwork quilt $5

Who needs new stuff when old stuff can be so much more you, and better, and cheaper, and can last so much longer.
Hope your Saturday was a delight.
Sometimes it takes a change in perspective to realise it was so...

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦


  1. I love love love your beads in a jar with the flowers. Such a cool idea.

    I drool over quilts like that - and spotted her bunny!

  2. Babe! Where do you find all these delightful things??? I want your help!!!! And your style!!

  3. I'm coveting the typewriter.......

  4. ah you're awesome!! come and makeover our place... :) love those lanterns. way better than a silly mobile xo

  5. You thrifted that quilt? Jealous! And I covet the garden stakes!

  6. Wow. Just wow. Okay, not just wow...also 'stop it.'