Friday, June 25, 2010

The Jewellery Heist : Bracelet Edition


Anyone that knows me well, know that I have a mac daddy surplus of costume jewellery and accessories, (they also know I will hold a fork to the neck if any of it goes missing) and because one of my main TORMENTS is clutter, it was time for a sort out.



You can't really see but everything is organised and bound with ribbon according to its colour palate as I find that I usually select accessories by how it either pops or clashes with my outfit. The whole thing can now slide easily under my bed so I can finally free up my dressing table for all the amazing floral arrangements my romantic husband INSISTS on buying me. *coughcough*.

What I used:
♥ 1960's suitcase - vintage
♥ "Oust 2 in 1" to get the Granpa smell out of it - my own
♥ Pretty floral fabric to line the bottom - vintage
♥ A collection of small plates, saucers, platters to sit the bracelts on - my own
♥ Ribbon to bind the bracelets together - my own
♥ Pages from an old hymn book, various clippings, postcards, stamps and pictures to stick to the inner lid - my own

Total = $10

Time for a hootenanny.

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦


  1. Love it! Vintage suitcases are so cool... I wish I had more jewellery (and hope hubby reads my comment).

  2. noice ( said in a new austrailian PM accent)

  3. Nice! And I like ALL your jewellery. :-)

  4. I reckon Paisley Jade!
    The majority of it is from my mama cause she lives in aussie so sends me heaps of stuff to make her feel better and to make me feel loved. WIN!

    Fair dinkum Jucks (Jax in the new aussie PM accent)- you're a leel repper (youre a lil ripper in the new aussie PM accent)

    Thanks Kendyl babes - did you say you had some to give me?