Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hi everybody!!! (the way Dr. Nick says it)

With 2013 sitting here all fat and ready-like, I've changed the sheets, swept the garage, packed my blogging boxes and have moved this sweet thing to Wordpress. Blogger has annoyed my face off with changing the layout of my posts etc. and I quite like my face so in order to keep it on, I've had to go ahead and leave some blogging skiddies in my wake hahaha, I couldn't write "skiddies" without actually laughing out loud. My husband says "I'm disgusting", I just say "I'm a bird that can't be caged".
So, if you're wanting to keep up to date with "She Exceeds Rubies" - then you can find me at

Hope to see you there!!

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Liz (Betty May


  1. yay!!!!
    love your stalker from the south.
    p.s to get my kids all smiling in their christmas pics this year my husband yells out "say mums skiddy undies!"
    at my place of work!!
    he did